Bio Dinorah

A native of Mexico City, Dinorah discovered her calling at the age of 8 when she began taking acting, singing, and dancing classes. She was a natural! Her acting career began with hosting educational programs for kids.

By the time she was 18 years old, she had a successful career consisting of modeling and photography, while appearing in various television commercials.

Her love of the Arts took her to Universidad del Valle de Mexico, where she earned her degree in Communication Sciences. Furthermore, her passion and drive lead her to acquire an additional diploma in Radio Host and Voiceover.

She then, began her career as the host of the Speed channel for NASCAR fans in Mexico and Los Angeles. Followed by Fox Sports, where she was the host of Rally Races in Mexico.

Years later, she stared as the Host of the TV show “El Monchis” in TELEHIT, where she interviewed various international celebrities.

In 2008 and 2009 she decided to advance her linguistic skills in Vancouver, Canada and Paris, France where she took courses in both English and French. However, she never quit her dream of having her own show in English and then moved to Toronto.

In 2010, While in Canada, she was the host of “Madrugando”, a morning Radio news show on CHHA radio in Toronto. In 2011, Dinorah went back to her roots as a Host of “Urban District”, a popular show broadcasted in English and Spanish from different cities across Canada.

In 2013, Dinorah came back to Mexico City to reclaim her television hosting career with the TV station Cadena 3. She hosted two news morning shows “Al Empezar el Dia” and the show “Nuestro Dia” where she promoted beauty products on TV and Radio at Grupo Imagen.

Realizing the importance of Social Media in the last decade, Dinorah went back to school in 2014 and enrolled in a Postgraduate program in Social Media at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

Dinorah in 2014 and 2017 Dinorah was the official Host of MEXFEST, the biggest Mexican Festival in Canada organized by the Mexican-Canadian Cultural Council at a prime tourist attraction “Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto which gathers over 25,000 attendees.

After she graduated in 2015, Dinorah, a passionate woman for her professional career decided to improve her skills in English as a public speaker at the renowned University of Toronto and enrolled in a public speaking and presentation course.

In 2016, she took a break to explore the news industry at UNIVISION in Mexico City broadcasting to Miami FL. Dinorah researched, produced and delivered daily TV news and entertainment reports for Univision 23, Primer Impacto and the morning show Despierta America.

Many years studying and living in Toronto, lead her to a very solid public relations within the Latin community in Canada. Therefore, Dinorah moved back to Canada to begin her career as a Producer of “Hey Latino TV”, a show broadcasted weekly at Univision Canada and Rogers TV in both languages.

As a result of her work experience and knowledge of the Hispanic audience in Canada, Dinorah gained the admiration and respect of the Canadian and Latino community through television. So that, in 2016, she began her career as a producer of “Hey Latino TV,” a bilingual show broadcasted weekly on Univision Canada and Rogers TV.

Finally Dinorah in 2017, knowing the needs of the audience in Canada created SIN FRONTERAS TV, a show to educate society about Mexico and its people through music, sports, art, gastronomy, culture, entertainment, etc.

Omni TV, the only national channel with public access  in Canada, opened the doors to Dinorah as Producer and Presenter of the show to represent her Mexican culture in Canada, which allowed her to travel and film in both countries.

Dinorah in addition to Producing Sin Fronteras TV, began the year 2018 in the morning show “A las 9”, where she interviewed many international celebrities in Mexico City.

Later this year the sports industry, where she debuted as a TV Presenter, invited her to retake her career as a host  of the “World Cup 2018” at the tv show “Las Koladeras” thanks to her personality and her attraction for the soccer game.

Dinorah, a driven woman who is passionate about her professional and international career, continues to seek new challenges for 2020 in the United States where she currently lives and collaborates in Los Angeles CA, with well renowned television stations keeping her biggest commitment with the Latino audience in North America.